HighPeak Roofs LLC

Our Roofing Services

Residential Roofing

We offer a variety of products, colors, and styles from the best suppliers and manufacturers. Our number one goal is to protect you and your love ones, keep your home beautiful, and keep your home compliant with your insurance and HOA requirements.

Commercial Roofing

Stores, offices, multi-family structures, etc. We offer free inspections and consultations so we can provide the perfect roof to meet your business’s needs. Our bonded and fully insured team is ready to deliver a quality roof and keep your business moving forward.

Emergency Work

We are here to help you in times of emergency. We provide immediate leak tarp patches as well as disaster relief and insurance claim restoration work.

Roofing Types

Asphalt Shingle

There’s a difference between a good roof, and a great roof and that difference is what defines the future savings and protections you will get your family and yourself. At HighPeak Roofs, we only offer the highest in quality roofs for your home because we know that beautiful Colorado doesn’t come without hail, snow, and heavy winds. Hail is able to damage asphalt shingles, which might lead to area softness, discoloration, and even leaks. Hail damage probably can also lead to dents, marks, or even breaking across the steel roof air flows and your vents. Once we discover evidence of damage to your roof vents, this usually indicates you might have suffered shingle harm also.

Metal Roofs

Metal roof performance is a great choice for our climate compared to to other roofing materials. Our metal roofs are supported by a full roof wrap in industry best high temp ice & water shields.

 Metal roofs resist snow and rain like the best umbrella money can buy. Our metal roofs have act as a unique watertight membrane over your home, professionally installed metal roofs leave zero opportunity for leaks to get in. They are far more resistant to wind, snow, ice and fire than other roofing materials, and are less susceptible to moss, mildew, and invasive insects and bugs.

Presidential Asphalt Shake

Our most popular material for roofs throughout Summit and Eagle Counties when replacing cedar shake roofs for wildfire mitigation work. 

These shingles are aesthetically beautiful with a staggered installation to mimic the look of traditional cedar shake, but offer highest wind rating, impact protection, and wildfire protection. We support these roofs with a full roof wrap of high temp ice & water shield and a highest quality painted W valley metal for best leak protection, and design standards.

Insurance Claim Restorations

After a severe wind, snow, or hail storm, your roof can fall into an accelerated rate of damage that leaves you vulnerable to leaks. Over time, water that leaks through tiny holes in your roof caused by hail, cracking, and ice freezing and thawing can lead to serious problems on the interior including water damage, mold and other structural issues, including the possibility roof collapse. This is why it’s imperative after a hailstorm that you get a professional to evaluate and assess the damage. Our team has experience in both the roofing and insurance industry so we know what damage the insurance companies look for and how to make sure you receive the maximum amount for the needed restoration of your roof.

The HighPeak Standard

The HighPeak Standard

Your insurance company, home owners association, loan officer, or boss will require documentation on your new roof for the standard of the build as they leave burden of proof on you to show the problems have been fixed. At HighPeak Roofs, we have a diverse background of working in these fields and will not only provide you digital and physical copies of your documents, but we will also send them directly to all interested parties on your behalf so we may field necessary questions to avoid any negative change in your insurance, loan, or job.


Our roofing packages can come with a number of factory and labor warranties.Your roof on your home an business is a large investment and one that needs to be taken seriously. We are certain of the roofs we provide, and stand behind our work and materials we protect your and yours with.