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Visible damage
After a heavy storm (hail, ice, snow, wind) you may be able to see shingles have come loose or even fallen off, You may also see dents or breaking have occured from the storm on your roof vents or boots. If you’re able to see this, it can likely mean that there is more serious damage has occurred to your roof already.

Professional Inspection
One of our trained inspectors and claims specialists will come out to assess the damage from both the ground as well as from the roof and the attic space to see the severity of the damage that has occurred. By walking the roof, our inspectors will find the broken and loose shingles not visible from the ground, inspect the rate of granulation loss, and get photo documentation for both you and your insurance company fo the existing damage.

Summarize and Estimate
We will provide a professional damage report for both you and your insurance company when you are ready to make the claim or go forward with the build. If needed, our inspectors can apply immediate remedies for leaks or boot replacements if the situation is needed. We will provide a next day estimate with package offerings that will allow you to select your package and installation date.

HighPeak Roofs uses industry leading mobile technology to provide a damage inspection on your roof with the highest level of confidence and accuracy .

Consult and Estimate
After an in-depth analysis of the roof, we determine whether your roof can be repaired or will need a full replacement before discussing products, colors, and pricing.

Replace or Repair
Our factory trained and insured installation team build the highest quality of roof on your home, dwelling, or business to protect your home or business from the elements.

Estimate Request Form

Please call our Breckenridge or Avon location at (970) 964-3231 or fill out this form and we’ll be in touch soon.

The High Peak Standard

Your insurance company, home owners association, loan officer, or boss will require documentation on your new roof for the standard of the build as they leave burden of proof on you to show the problems have been fixed. At HighPeak Roofs, we have a diverse background of working in these fields and will not only provide you digital and physical copies of your documents, but we will also send them directly to all interested parties on your behalf so we may field necessary questions to avoid any negative change in your insurance, loan, or job.



Our roofing packages can come with a number of factory and labor warranties.Your roof on your home an business is a large investment and one that needs to be taken seriously. We are certain of the roofs we provide, and stand behind our work and materials we protect your and yours with.