HighPeak Roofs LLC


Why Choose HighPeak Roofs?

mountain home with gutters

When you choose HighPeak Roofs for new gutters on your home, you will benefit from our team’s expertise and knowledge. We are a local mountain town company, familiar with the terrain, weather, and committed to our community. The quoting process will be transparent with a full explanation of the project and the costs involved. For your convenience, scheduling is year-round and it is not necessary for you to be present for any step of this process. Our team can complete the process of installing new gutters on your home, even if you are remote.

HighPeak Roofs Gutter Products

At HighPeak Roofs, you can expect your new gutters to be seamless, clean, sturdy, and professionally installed to the manufacturer’s specifications. Flashings are added where they are needed. Our team will work with you to install flashings on the roof and we will discuss optional features so your new gutter system fits your needs and desires.

Our team at HighPeak Roofs uses 5″ & 6″ aluminum and steel k style seamless gutters with 2×3 and 3×4 downspouts. If your preference is copper gutters, we have copper gutters available as well. Optional features such as heat tape 120v and 240v systems, gutter screens and gutter guards are available to complete your project.

What to Expect when Installing New Gutters with HighPeak Roofs?

When you choose HighPeak Roofs to install new gutters on your home, here is what you can expect from our team during the process:

  • Our team will assess which areas gutters are needed and the proper direction of water flow will be determined.
  • Our team will take expert measurements to determine the scope of work
  • Our team will present estimate and review color and material selection.
  • Our installation team will install the new gutters on your home. In most cases, this is single day process.
  • Upon completion of the gutter project, your warranty will be sent to you as you are enjoying the new gutters on your home!