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Wildfire Homeowner Protection Tips

The Vail Fire Department is encouraging residents and homeowners to plan ahead to protect homes from the threat of wildfires.

Fire prevention tips include:

  • Thinning and pruning trees and brush and removing trash and debris around the home.
  • Cutting grass and weeds within 10 feet of structures, propane tanks and utilities.
  • Removing trees growing through porches, decks or roofs.
  • Keeping roof and rain gutters clear of pine needles, leaves and debris.
  • Removing tree branches that overhang within 15 feet of chimney and roof.
  • Stacking firewood uphill at least 30 feet away from home.
  • Utilizing non-combustible roofing materials.
  • Making sure foundation, eaves and soffit vents have screens.
  • Checking chimney spark arrester, which should be a half-inch screen.
  • Clearing vegetation within three feet of fire hydrants.
  • Making sure you have a garden hose, shovel and fire extinguisher nearby.
  • Posting reflective address numbers so they’re visible from streets or roads and ensuring your driveway has adequate width (20 ft.) and height (15 ft.) for clearance of emergency vehicles.
  • Maintaining an irrigated greenbelt near your home using grass, flowers, ornamental shrubs, rock gardens or xeroscapes.

Current Eagle County fire restrictions: